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This is another exotic room suitable for a dog that requires total home comfort. Tigger found this to be an alternative to the antique leather chair in the library. I wonder if she appreciates such individually luxurious design.

This room demonstrates how an imaginative approach to interior design ideas does not necessarily require a large budget. A bit of original remodelling, lateral thinking and ingenious application can produce an unusual and individual interior design. Large quantities of cheap fabric can look more dramatic than a small amount of very expensive drape.

Conventional wall paper can be rejected, as in this room, the wall behind the Edwardian inlaid bed is covered in some very old tapestry style curtains found in the market in Abergavenny. The headpiece of the bed is made from the top of an Edwardian wardrobe whose major part had been destroyed by woodworm - the added luxury of the Lester's signature hand pleated drapes tone with the wall contrasting the muted colours with the glowing woodland colours of the silk. An eclectic mix of antique furniture bought when the Lesters first came to Wales sit comfortably with a few oriental pieces collected by their daughter Georgina when she visited China. Georgina also made the decorative stained glass lamp shade and other pieces of stained glass in the room. The unusual mirror is made from pieces of broken china found along the banks of the river Usk.

Tigger is unaware of such opulence - she enjoys the comfort of the down filled pillows - it is not important to her that the bedspread is made from antique silk velvet that has been brought back to life with the Lester's special dye painting techniques, nor that the chandelier above the bed is a gloriously decadent piece of luxury found in Venice. Cushions in velvet, both antique and from their collection are there for her on which to rest her head. In my next life I want to be a dog - in such luxury surroundings of course.


As well as designing art pieces, textiles and cushions and throws for the home, the Lesters also undertake work for film sets and stage set textiles for opera and theatre.


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