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Silk Tapestry in Leighton House Museum art gallery

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Cacherel Tapestry - an example of contemporary art

The photograph of this unusual tapestry was taken during an exhibition of Charles and Patricia Lester's work held at the Leighton House Museum in Holland Park London. To the one side, on the easel, is a small picture - an impressionist picture depicting light through trees - more effectively conveyed by the technique of the silk which is minutely pleated and then stitched in ripples and waves causing shadows and movement according to the direction of the light on the picture allowing the viewer to see different moods according to the changing light of the day.

The major work is a large tapestry inspired by the gentle colours of a cosmetic range introduced by Cacherel. The Lesters were commissioned to make scarves for the presentation of the new cosmetic collection and Patricia was so enthralled by the softness of the colours that she started to create a wall hanging using the eye shadow greys and greens, powder pink and toning biege skin colours.


Unique silk Taspestry


Such tapestries can be made to commission for a custom home design, a corporate interior design project - or perhaps just an indulgence when remodelling the interior of your home. Such works of art can complement traditional European architecture, or a very modern California style home. Without going into complicated interior design solutions a home can be dramatically transformed with one or two major additions to the decor. This pleated art work, in its ever changing moods, will be a focal point and a conversation topic because of the unusual tapestry technique and the fascinating quality and dimension produced by the changing shadows on the pleated silk. Side lighting adds depth to the work which gives a moving quality according to the movement of the day's light. This rippling effect can be further enhanced by moving lights giving the hynotic effect of watching ripples on the surface of a pond.


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