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Romantic luxury cushions and throws

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Soft feminine colours for a romantic bedroom



As a contrast to the strong dramatic colouring of the tapestries and wall hangings another aspect of the Lesters' art shows us a gentler side. Inspired by the colours of dawn, faded petals, golden corn, buttermilk and cream - they conjure up a palette of rose petals and romantic softness that will adorn a lady's bedroom in the most romantic manner.

In this colour collection there are cushions and comforters a delicate toned wall hanging painted with the colours stolen from real plants and to tone with this a beautiful bedspread in patchwork velvet echoing the misty colours of the lady's mantle and such other natural dyes that were used in the rare wall hanging. This set would make a delicious gift for the most romantic and spiritual bedroom.

The main picture of this pages shows a selection of interior pieces - a silk velvet/rayon cushion with devore crack print. Hand painted in soft creams then hand printed in our studios in Wales. Sitting on the cushion is a hand painted and printed organza silk lavender bag. Behind the lavender bag is a swirl pleated silk cushion. The cushions are in a soft blend of pastel pinks. The cushions are lying on a velvet patchwork throw in the tasty colours of fresh cream and golden lilies


Natural fabrics

The fabrics that are used for the couture collection and the luxury interior designer collection are all made from natural fibres such as silk, cotton and linen. All designs are original, they are evolved from Patricia's original drawings and painstakingly modified to fit into the sizes of screens required for the hand screen printing process. All this work is done in their studios in the Old Workhouse in Abergavenny.


The interior collection for the luxury home.

Until recently they have focused their textile expertise on their couture collection, with occasional commissions for bespoke interior projects and luxury interior pieces for individual homes or stage sets.

They are now design and develop a comprehensive collection of unusual and exquisite interior art pieces out of their exotic textiles. It must be emphasised that these pieces are not made in volume, the company is very small and specialist. Their work is an alchemy of colour, texture and inspriration, therefore the collection can be as varied as the changing moods of the sky, as colourful, delicate, dramatic and exciting as their couture collection. Commissions for specific colour stories are readily accomplished using their wide range of skills. At present the luxury Interior Designer Collection consists of cushions, pillows, throws, wall hangings, tapestries, coverlets, table toppers, bedspreads etc. Their tapestry work is exceptional, in that it is a medium that has never before been explored; a combination of sculpture and textile art using hand painted and finely pleated silk, intricately stitched in swirls and ripples creating light and moving shadows that add a liquid dimension to the texture and colours.

The future

Having touched on the world of film a number of times, the Lesters plan a future where they are involved more with media production projects. With their wide and varied skills for the colouring and texturing of fabrics - they would like to do more work in the world of film and television, both costume making and textiles as well as fabrics for set designs. They can not only make very exotic textiles, but the same skills can be used to make fabrics that have the look of being seriously worn, weathered and antique fabrics and clothes.



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