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Luxury Designer Silk Bed Spread

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Opulent and luxurious bed cover in rich antique golden silk



This luxury bed spread was made as an experiment when Charles and Patricia first decided to try to adapt their textile skills for the home interior market. At a time when business was not buoyant and not wanting to cut back their skilled staff, they decided to try some new approaches to the work that had so far focused solely on the couture business. Such an undertaking could have failed because of the immense difficulty and time consuming work. But after three months of intimate stitching the piece was eventually completed. It is now part of a luxury designer bedroom set for a guest bedroom at the Lester's home. The bed throws is shown in front of a large lacquer screen which they bought in China and the gold bedspread complements the chinoiserie atmosphere while retaining an individual quality of design. The bedspread is grand, unique and dramatic and looks well with the hand painted curtains and luxurious cushions which are part of the Lester's interior designer collection.

Designer Gold Bed Spread

The technique has been gradually perfected and now this refined art form is a major part of their interior design collection. At present the Lesters will only undertake small commissions for curtains as they can only print ten metres of fabric at a time, but special design projects can be discussed and solutions found such as this gold designer bed spread..

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