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This tapestry was inspired by the dramatic pictures of the burning oilfields in Kuwait during the Liberation of Kuwait - the Gulf War. The seemingly uncontrollable drama of the flames and smoke giving a strange purple haze to the surrounding countryside brought vividly to our television screens the futility of such destruction and sadness for danger posed for the local population and wildlife.

Into the picture can be read a more gentle story - an evening sunset, or a volcano showing the strength of nature.

The tapestry is made in two panels totalling 9 feet in height and 9 feet wide. The silk was first painted in the vivid colours of the flames and darkened smoke shrouded hills. When finely pleated by hand, it was then moulded and stitched into swirls and clouds depicting the wild untameable fires. A tapestry of this size takes hundreds of hours of work and is a unique form of art using the ripples of silk to give a rich dimension to the picture.


Commissions for tapestries can be undertaken and ones of this size are suitable for major resi dential rooms such as a grand entrance hall or ballroom where a large wall hanging would not be out of place. Corporate design projects, where more space is available, often call for a dramatic corporate statement, one that shows that the company supports The Arts.

Only an art gallery or museum of a reasonable size can show the Lester collection of tapestries because they are all very large and can be appreciated better from a distance. It is interesting, however, to see the work close up because the nature of this art form is so unusual.

The picture of this tapestry was taken during an exhibition of Charles and Patricia Lester's textile, costume and interior design work, entitled: A Textile Experience - held in Leighton House Museum, in Holland Park, London. Leighton House was the home of the famous Victorian painter Lord Leighton and is now a beautiful place to visit.

The Lesters have been involved with two projects at Leighton House Museum - the first being the celebration of the centenury of Lord Leighton's death. For this, the entire museum was turned into a living museum with every character taking part including his great friend Richard Burton, the explorer, the character of Lord Leighton, however did not appear, although his presence was made evident by the conversations and the atmosphere of the performance.


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