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Charles and Patricia Lester create unique textile art pieces that are perfect for any luxury home interior design scheme. These art pieces are made from hand pleated silk which is formed into pictures or patterns creating a tapestry that will compliment any interior whether corporate or residential. The Lesters create these works of art to coordinate with the interior design scheme choosing subject for inspriation and colours that complement the general theme of the project.This way they can create a picture that has special meaning for you, your company, or your gallery.

Tapestry for Luxury Interior

Looking out of the windows of the Workhouse studios, where Charles and Patricia Lester create their designs, can be seen the constantly changing pictures of the hills surrounding Abergavenny. It is very easy to see the inspiration in the local scenery for this luxury tapestry and how it could fit in with many interior designers' schemes. No information leaflet can describe the way that the sun brushes light across the hills and transforms them from dark mysterious landscape scenes into a glowing, golden living panorama of unequalled beauty. It is sometimes commented on that there is always a rainbow framing a particular hill in these transitional periods between sun and rain.

Visitors touring Wales are enchanted by the magnificent ruined castles, the contrasts of wild moorland and rich green valleys that typify this part of the Welsh countryside. A few days touring will yield luxurious hotels, ancient monuments, golf courses, magnificent lonely walks or just a comfortable fireside reading while a partner might be indulging in a bit of local salmon fishing.

It is not surprising therefore that Patricia was inspired by the glorious colours and moods that she can see every day. The luxury tapestry of the Welsh hills was inspired by the changing moods and seasons of the area.

This is a very large mural made from hand painted and hand pleated silk. The dramatic collage requires at least 12 feet of wall space for hanging. Such works of art are suitable for a magnificent home, a luxury penthouse or an important room in a corporate building or institution.

Interior designers can commission Charles and Patricia to undertake such pictures to coordinated with their interior design scheme. Designers and customers must allow plenty of time for the completion of the tapestry because they take many hundreds of hours of work. Such works can be part of a total interior design scheme including cushions, throws and bedcovers if the tapestry is used as a significant bed headpiece.


The designer's house is for sale click here

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