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Magnificent Decorative Gilded Antique Faded Reds and Golds.

The magnificent gilded and painted wooden horse was found in China and is an example of the type of decorative ornament that might be found in a more ostentatious design scheme. It also blends perfectly with or decorative interior pieces colored in faded antique reds and golds hand painted and created by Charels and Patricia Lester.. Some people enjoy extravagant decoration to give the impression of living in an exotic pallazzo decorated with exuberance and imagination. Perhaps faux country scenes painted on the walls depicting a hunting lodge in the distance or the view from a Renaissance palace overlooking a formal garden. Whatever the architectural style and grandeur of a theme, the right props must be found to complement such luxury.

The Grandeur of Exotic and Luxurious Interiors.

Charles and Patricia's skills adapt to make such exotic and luxurious pictures of interior pieces in antique faded reds and golds available to anyone from the most wealthy to those with pretensions to grandeur like themselves, as shown in the picture, who are as they say of themselves 'poor with style'.

Extravagant Gilding and Faded Harmonious Colours.

The effect of a luxurious look can be achieved with imagination and extravagant touches of the right harmonious colours, voluminous drapes and floor covering to act as a foil for displaying one or two magnificent pieces. Junk shop finds decorated with touches of gilding and faded colours can transform as very ordinary object into a work of art.


In a minimalist design concept such pieces need to be a statement rather than a style. An architectural feature such as an ornamental carving on a simple white background looks exciting as a focal point in this kind of decorative style. A luxurious cushion on a modern couch will be a statement of design in a modern setting, but in a setting of the opulent Moorish style a great mound of pillows and cushions and throws invites images and fantasy of decadent luxury.



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