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Hand painted cushion inspired by tree bark

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The first time that Charles and Patricia were asked to make something for a film was for Derek Jarman's film Caravaggio. Sandy Powell requested a dress for Tilda Swinton - a shimmering gold column in the pleated silk. Since that first venture into film they have made many costumes and provided fabrics for the stage and film set designers.

For Opera Holland Park they have been the costume designers and makers for the entire opera performance adding textiles for the stage as well as all the costumes for the singers. Film work has included individual pieces that appeared without their knowledge until the film was released, such as in 'Great Expectations' where Miss Haversham (played by Anne Bancroft) appears in a Lester ensemble.

For other productions they have sometimes only had a few hours notice to get clothes to Venice (Wings of the Dove) or Morocco (The Ten Commandments). This kind of short notice adds excitement showing that every day can be the start of a new challenge or adventure.

Main Picture
A silk cushion that has been painted and pleated by hand. The pleats have then been intricately swirled. The colour of the cushion is Brown Oilslick, a bend of rich browns, deep purples and charcoal.

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