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Exotic and luxurious textiles and accessories for film interior design


For many years Charles and Patricia Lester have experimented with textiles. Starting with plain cloth they have explored many and varied techniques, both traditional and innovative, in order to create sumptuous fabrics for the use in their couture collection.

The gradually worked with more and more varieties of fabrics that were made from natural fibres. Having achieved an international reputation for their timeless clothes they began to experiment with fabric to adorn the home.

After a while it became a passion and has lead them from the narrow field of fashion into the more demanding and varied work of the stage, as in opera performances and of film. As well as making costumes for the stage, televison and film, they have also made textiles for the stage and film sets.

This kind of work is more exciting as it gives the Lesters an excuse to research and explore historial details and allows them to make use of their specialist facilites to the full. Textiles for film, for instance, that are inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites, can be painted in such a way that the fabrics themselves capture the shadows and highlights taken from the paintings adding an interesting dimension to the colour and texture of the cloth even before it is used for the film itself.

When an artist paints he uses many colours and textures to recreate the dimensions and shadows of his subjects. Charles and Patricia have devloped a method of colouring fabric that takes this into account, so that the fabric itself gives a three dimensional impression from the start.

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Silk, satin and cotton velvet cushions with throws, tapestries and fabrics. All these textiles have been painted and printed by hand in our studios in Wales

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