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Romantic luxury cushion design

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Art work for the home interior design


This cushion is intended to be a three dimensional picture that happens to be functional as well as art. The intricately stitched and swirled pleats form an impressionistic picture of sky over a cornfield. By the very nature of the work it is possible to conjure up images in the imagination that the artist might not have intended, but still have validity.

The border of this art interior decor piece is made from devore hand printed velvet with a simple small leaf motif inspired by the maidenhair fern.

The cushion rests on a luxury patchwork velvet throw made up from carefully selected pieces of velvet.

Each cushion in this range takes many hours of painstaking work. First the fabric is hand painted in layers of colour, once pleated the silk is then manipulated into intricate swirls and ripples gradually emerging as the picture. Some pieces take several days to complete as none of this work can be done with a machine. True crafstmanship applied to textile accessories for the home.


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