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Designer cushion in silk painted and pleated by hand

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Unusual designer cushions in rippled silk design


The nature of the hand pleated silk, unlike machine pleated fabrics, allows a fluid pattern to be worked on the surface of these cushions. The silk comes as plain white stiff silk. Careful layers of colour are applied until the colours take on a certain life of their own. The fabric is hand pleated and the process is original to Charles and Patricia Lester - having taken many years to perfect through all sorts of avenues of experimentation.

Out of this fabric unusual and rare pieces can be made, their signature couture collection was the original focus of their work, but this has now expanded into items for the home, film, opera and interior work.

In the tradition of kimono where every scrap of fabric is used because of the initial expense of making the cloth, the Lesters create all sorts of items including home accessories, cushions throws, coverlets, patchwork bedspreads and art pieces such as tapestries and even pictures.



Main Picture.
Silk swirl pleated cushion in soft pastel golds. The cushions are lying on a silk rayon patchwork throw. All the fabrics we use are painted, printed and pleated by hand in our studios in Wales

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