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Richly Painted Pillows and Cushions.

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Sensual and comfortable silk materials.

The richly textured down filled pillow in an idiosyncratic juxtaposition on pebble slabs shows how the combination of sensual and hard materials looked comfortable together. The cushion in this picture is made of hand-pleated silk painted in soft washed-out blue oil slick colours.

Planned interior decor.

Thoughtfully planned interior decor can blend vintage textiles, old and new in a cohesive design that creates vigrettes in the home that are a delight to look at. A combination of hard and soft textures, the patina of antiques combined with graceful lines, secret quiet corners result in a relaxed atmosphere rather than a contrived design scheme that eradicates the individual's personal taste.

Rare textiles and bold stained glass designs.

The designs and work of Charles and Patricia cannot be found in Art Galleries, nor in any stores. It is only available in their own shop in Beauchamp Place and from their design studios in Wales. Collectors of rare objet d'art both textiles art work and stained glass pieces will find a visit to the shop an interesting experience. The stained glass work is done by their daughter Georgina. Every piece is original in concept with many variations on technique because Georgina, like her parents, loves to explore new ideas using bold colours, interesting textures, delicate shades - all combined to make rare pieces that enhance the dimension of light through glass.




The designer's house is for sale click here

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