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Silk and velvet cushions throws and curtain fabrics

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An exotic collection of hand painted and printed textiles


Charles and Patricia Lester have taught themselves how to transform plain white cloth into the richest variety of textile art pieces.

For the hot Mediterranean climate they provide cool cottons in fresh neutral colours, raw linen with a hint of sunshine. In contrast for the rich rooms of Venice they can conjure up the most exotic collection of hand painted and printed textiles. Colour layered up colour and then beautiful organic or geometric prints in gold and tarnished copper add the touch of luxury to the curtain fabrics.

Drapes take on the appearance of antique textiles making them particularly appropriate for film sets. Having spent many years developing the different techniques these textile artists can do anything from the exotic gilded clothe that might be found in a palazzo, or the beaten stressed fabric that tells the story of age and another life.

Such variety of style makes their work suitable for theatrical textiles, or film work such as the textiles commissioned for Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet.

Luxurious throws to drape over a decadent couch, gilded fabrics that adorn a fairy tale palace, opulent luxury textiles to contrast with rags found in the sewer as in their costumes made for the opera 'Iris' for Opera Holland Park - their first major venture into the world of opera.


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Silk, satin and cotton velvet cushions with throws, tapestries and fabrics. All these textiles have been painted and printed by hand in our studios in Wales. Commission work can always be undertaken as long as the request fits in with the studio's skills.


The designer's house is for sale click here

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